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Kankaku V8

a spaced repetition app

Industry: Education
Function: Education & Training
“Kankaku” is a flashcard app that allows users to study vocabulary according to a spaced repetition review schedule.(“Kankaku”とは間隔反復の復習スケジュールに従って単語の勉強を進めていくためのフラッシュカードアプリです。) Documentation has been placed inside the app, primarily in the “Help” menu. In addition, explanations related to specific aspects of the app have been added to relevant sections. All documentation has been prepared in both English and Japanese. (使い方に関する説明は主としてアプリ内の “Help” メニューにあります。その他に、アプリの各部分に、その使い方等に関する説明を加えています。全ての説明は英語と日本語の二か国語でなされています。 )

How we built this app

I created Kankaku in order to study vocabulary according to a spaced repetition review schedule. The app began as a fairly simple Google spreadsheet, which I created in 2014 to use in my own study of Japanese. The spreadsheet functioned fairly well when used on a computer but was extremely difficult to use on a smartphone. This led me to AppSheet in 2016. The AppSheet platform allowed me to create a working prototype, based on my spreadsheet, within a few weeks. Since then I have continued to add functions and to tweak the app. I have employed too many techniques and functions in putting the app together to describe here. App creators can search with my name, "Kirk Masden," on the AppSheet creator community to find tips I have written over the last two years. All of my tips stem directly from my experience developing this app.
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