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Travel Approval Workflow

Workflow Approval Tool for Travel Requests

Industry: Business Services
Function: Human Resources
The travel workflow app showcases seamless approvals thereby preventing email trails and improving visibility of travel spends in an organization. The template features three permission settings / experiences, tailored for Requestors, Directors, and VPs. A fourth persona for Admins can be enabled (optional). Any requestor can create a travel approval ticket. Once they route the approval, the Director receives an automated email to approve the request. Contingent on the director's approval, the VP shall receive the approval request for the ticket. The approvals can be completed through the app or through the dynamic emails. Lastly, a dashboard showcasing summary of spend, approvals and more help the leadership with a snapshot of all travel requests. To check out the tutorial on how this app was built, click the tutorial tab and follow the links to the tutorial. In the version here, we have intentionally kept all the views visible for all personas. Feel free to keep certain views hidden using security filters and/or show-if conditions (by persona) for the views.

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