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Home Inspection App

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Industry: Real Estate
Function: Property Management
Manage home inspections with this app. Built to manage multiple homes, with a map layer, handles many rooms, upload pictures, flag for follow up and more. Explore the interactive sample app on this page then create a home inspection app of your own. In this sample app the inspector is able to add up to 3 images to a room, list all the areas inspected and add notes for any remedial actions required. If the room fails an inspection a workflow email is triggered indicating that a recheck will be required. The apps has three main views — Map, By House and Follow Up. Map view shows locations of all houses with formatted map pins. By House groups data by houses and shows the status of the inspected rooms. Follow Up is a filtered view of all the rooms which failed inspection and need to be rectified. The Menu contains views of all houses (Houses), all house inspections sorted by date (All by Date), and houses within 445 km. There is also a view showing the distance to the houses from the user. Other views include a gallery of the houses and a table view of inspectors where you can email, call or text inspectors.

How we built this app

We created this app with a spreadsheet. Many of the columns are image columns that allow the user to capture images straight from the app. 1. Image columns automatically activate the Image column Type in the Editor and the app. The app appropriately displays images and allows the user to capture new ones. The Image columns automatically produced a Gallery view in the app, which we renamed “House Gallery” via the UX tab. 2. We created a Status Code column in the app and specified the column type as “Enum” which produced a drop-down menu in the app. Dropdown menus can be created manually in the Editor, or through data validation in the spreadsheet. The areas inspected column is an enum list which allows multiple selections to be made quickly. 3. Slices, Data > Slices, is used to filter the inspections which need recheck and have not yet been rectified. Another slice has been added which uses distance to filter only the houses within 445km. Distance is calculated using the formula ROUND(DISTANCE(HERE(),[LatLong])). 4. An Action, Data > Actions, was made to quickly update the completed column when repairs have been made and the room rechecked. This action is called “Rectified” and is formatted Orange. Formatting is done in the editor UX > Formatting Rules. Formatting has been added to the map pins (Address). One Bedroom houses are red star icons, two bedroom green and three bedroom houses blue icons. 5. A Workflow, Behaviour > Workflow, is triggered whenever an inspection is made that requires follow up and a recheck.
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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