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Stock Management App2

This inventory app uses barcode scanner to record stock in and stock out. (Updated to Remove zero stock levels from sell.)

Industry: Retail
Function: Inventory Management
Although the data is all about a retail store, this app can be used by all types of businesses and organizations that have inventory. The expected benefit of this app is accurate and smooth inventory counting and record, and frictionless communication between inventory and sales teams, and inventory and purchasing teams. Inventory managers go to Add Stock view to add items. Sales team or cashiers go to Sell view to record sold items. Restock Needed view shows all products that have low inventory levels and need to be purchased. Everyday at 7pm this app will send an email to the purchasing team and ask them to purchase products whose inventory levels are running low. You can set up data/view security filters so that only inventory team can enter data on Add Stock view and sales team can update sales data on Sell view.

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