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Workflow when children added

Send an email when children are added

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See the "nested forms" example app for the basic setup. When you submit a nested form, the updates sent to your spreadsheet are in this order: - Add parent record - Add first child record - Add second child record - Add third child record - etc. However, you want to have a workflow rule triggered for the parent row, but only after the child row has been submitted.

How we built this app

To do this, we added a yes/no column called Children Added to the Parent table. The initial value for this column is set to FALSE and the column is hidden. Then, we created an action that sets the Children Added column from TRUE to FALSE. Then, we set the Finish Action of the Form view to call that action once the form is submitted. This means that the syncs sent to your spreadsheet will look like this: - Add parent - Add first child - Add second child - ... - Set parent's Children Added column to TRUE Finally, we created a workflow rule on the Parent table that sends an email. We set the condition of the workflow rule to be: AND( NOT([_THISROW_BEFORE].[Children Added]), [_THISROW_AFTER].[Children Added] ) This makes it so the workflow rule only fires when Children Added goes from FALSE to TRUE. We know that this workflow rule will fire only after the children are added because it comes behind the "add child" operations in the sync queue.
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