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Prioritized List - Sample App

Industry: Education
Function: Planning & Project Management
A sample app for adjusting priorities within a list. It also allows adding and completing items within the list. (Initially built for use in browser for prioritizing scheduled tasks.)

How we built this app

Things that still need to be addressed: The app could/should be set-up with private tables, or some sort of users can only see their own stuff type of security filters. (This is only for demo purposes) The app currently needs to start with some primer items, it can’t be empty. This makes sense for distribution anyway as it gives someone an example of what it should look like. (similar to when you set up a new email account they send you a few emails…) When opening dashboard it would be nice if the top view was already selected, not the last selected record. (As things get completed, and fall off of the slice, it would be good if it just selected the next item. Probably a fringe case) Could use some peer review around my method/formulas for prioritizing. The app registers many things to sync, and syncs slowly. As each up or down is a change… moving something from the bottom of the list, near the top registers many changes… Also, kinda confusing for the end user to see so many “things” to sync. Editing the records – would be best to do a quick inline edit. However, even with headings off, it still shows Task* before the long text which is not ideal. Adding an action to “Edit” the record would be nice, but can’t really add this as it will make it the fourth action, and that doesn’t look great with two rows of actions. The dashboard view display name for the Task Slideshow, would ideally instead of saying “Task” would show the actual task long text that is selected. Then, we wouldn’t need the Task long text on the actual slide, all that would be seen are the action buttons. Continue building out the features with snooze capabilities, and a “Someday” option… Maybe add image capture to tasks.
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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