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Field Service

(Pairs with 'Customer Field Service' template app)

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Store all relevant customer information, contracts, job details, etc. in a centralized location, and collect customer feedback after on-site visits. This app also provides field technicians easy access to all job details, service manuals, and a daily Meet employee standup. How to Implement To use this template and make it your own application, copy it to your own Google account and customize it using the Appsheet editor. Visit the Field Service Management application template page. ‘Copy’ the application If logged into an existing AppSheet account, the app will be immediately copied with sample data and available to customize. If new to AppSheet, first authorize a data source to serve as the backend of the application and login credentials to AppSheet. The mock data in the application will now be copied into your ‘AppSheet’ Drive folder Replace the application mock data with your organization’s data (for example, replace each row in the ‘Product’, ‘Employees’, ‘Customers’ Sheets with your products, employees, customers, etc. Deploy to app users via individual invitations or by granting access to your company domain and sharing an invite link. G Suite groups can also be used to help define sets of app users.

How we built this app

Key Features Daily Meet Standup Field service job calendar Service contract generator Customer feedback manager Directory of customers Directory of products and manuals Directory of field staff
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This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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