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Enhanced Dashboard

Manual Version of Interactive Dashboard

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The purpose of this app is to demonstrate how to setup an "Enhanced Dashboard" - which is similar to the interactive dashboard feature available as part of the AppSheet platform - but this system is entirely built by you (the app developer), which means you can expand it to include anything you wish. This app shows how to get the basic foundation setup: - Space for users to enter criteria information - Views that show the results

How we built this app

The design of this app was intentionally left minimal; it contains two tables, each with minimal columns, and no extra fluff. -----| TABLES - Users - which serves as the "space" for a user to enter criteria to use in filtering - Construction_Job_Entries - which merely holds some sample data to look at and operate on -----| Slices - Current_User - Holds the single record corresponding to the USEREMAIL() the user used to log into the system - Dashboard_Job_Entries - Takes the criteria entered by the user (from the Current_User (Slice)) and filters the sample data accordingly. -----| Views - Control Box - from Current_User (slice) - Includes all the FILTER columns as quick-edits - Dash Donut Chart & Dash Table - from Dashboard_Job_Entries (slice) - Show the results of the slice -----| Actions - Clear | User Filter Options - Used to clear the filters selected by the user - An extremely helpful thing to include for your users; otherwise they have to manually clear each and every field... 1-by-1 -----| Formatting Rules - Inactive | Clear filters | Button Color - Turns the clear button grey when no criteria is entered - Active | Clear filters | Button Color - Turns the clear button red when ANY criteria is entered
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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