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Equipment Inspections

Inspection app for equipment across multiple facilities with a map view, charts, and security filters.

Industry: n/a
Function: Inspections & Surveys
Facilities, the map view, shows all facilities. Click on any of the facility icons on the map, you will see the facility details, equipment in that facility and an inspection chart. Inspections view is a place where you can add a new inspection, edit an inspection, find more details about it, and send emails to a person. Inspection Report view has two charts. The Inspections/Facility chart shows the number of inspections by facility. Audit Passed chart gives you a quick overview of percentage values of Passed and Failed inspections. Primary functions included in this app: - Location based items with pre-filled fields - Tabbed inspection forms, with embedded instructional videos - Historical inspections associated with items - Employee directory with related locations and inspection history AppSheet Plan Requirement for Deployment of the App: PRO. For more pricing details, please go to appsheet.com/pricing.

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