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Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting App for managing workflows around registering incidents, root cause analysis, and approving closure of incidents

Industry: Manufacturing
Function: Manufacturing
Incident Reporting is the process of capturing, recording and managing incidents such as injury, property damage and security lapses. Recording and studying these reports can help organizations implement corrective actions to prevent future incidents. This template comes with three personas, admin, manager, and staff member and allows incidents to be registered by anyone. Followed by this, incidents can be assigned by managers to staff members for analyzing and recommending corrective actions. Finally, the approver would accept/reject the RCA (root cause analysis) and the proposed corrective actions (if any), thereby closing the incident. The template explores workspace integrations and comes with a number of standard incident forms. Additionally, the admin can choose to create incident forms suited for their organization. Do check out the user guide by clicking the menu option in the top left corner and selecting the About section for More Information.

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