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Media Budget

An app to track expenses and key partners of a media marketing campaign.

Industry: Media
Function: Planning & Project Management
The media budget app lets you review budgeting data by time period and by media type. It also shows all the items in the budget for review. The app doesn't let you add data but it lets you edit any entry to the budget section. Additionally, it enables you to search the key partners involved in each marketing initiative and details their duties. The app helps a team keep track of expenditures for a project by time and type. The user can view how a marketing budget has been spent in different media and the total amount of marketing budget by quarter. The app also lets the user review all items in the budget and update them if necessary. The "By Media" chart lets the user filter information by quarter when they select the filters in the top of the chart. This is a quick way to see how expenditures will be made over time and a quick way to compare between different media. The "By Quarter" chart allows the user to compare expenditures by different type of media in a specific quarter. This is a quick way to review all expenditures happening over the same period and helps the user compare quarter to quarter information. The "Key Partners" view in the hamburger menu enables users to see which projects partners are working as well as to see the main duties each partner is assigned to.

How we built this app

We built this app under an hour by translating sample marketing budget information that had quarterly values as columns, with each row containing a different type of media. Here's what we did: 1. The app automatically identifies numeric values under each quarter. To turn those values into currency, we went to Advanced Editor > Data > Column Structure, located the columns Q1 to Q4, and change the type to PRICE. 2. We added two charts, one to show quarterly information by Media and one to show Media information by Quarter. To build the charts, we went to Advanced Editor > UX > Controls (or just UX in the Basic Editor) and added a control to the left and right of the existing tab (Items). You can give each view a name you prefer, but keep in mind that there is a character limit that depends on the amount of views you add to your app. 3. The charts are created by selecting Action as Chart and Action type as Col Series for the By Medium chart and Row Series [Stacked] to the By Quarter chart. 4. We added a "Key Partners" UX view to the hamburger menu which utilizes the Table view type. This view allows users to see which tasks are assigned to each employee and what duties each employee is responsible for.
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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