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Contact Directory

An app to store important contact information for a school district.

Industry: Education
Function: Customer Engagement
The contact directory app combines information available in three separate tables to provide students and staff with a quick reference to the key locations and contact information for a school. The app automatically converts phone numbers to action buttons so the user can call or text the number from the app. It also shows a map so the app user can see the building location of any of the contacts in the directory. The app is split into three views-- a map, key contacts and a complete staff directory with phone numbers and locations. The App Creator can easily update the spreadsheets that hold the data so the app users get the latest and greatest information regarding their school. This is a powerful way of sharing key information with a broad set of users while managing the content using a familiar tool: Spreadsheets.

How we built this app

We built this app using sample data from the Bellevue, WA school district. This app uses references between tables, maps, and automatic action buttons to have a simple but powerful app available for staff and students. Here are some app design highlights: 1. The app has three tables: Locations, Contacts, and Directory. Each table has its own view in the app: Map, Info, and Dir. To achieve this, we created a view for each table by going to Advanced Editor>UX>Controls> +View. We pointed each view to the appropriate table. 2. The Directory table has a column called "Location". From the Advanced Editor>Data>Column Structure tab we changed the type of the Location column to REF and then pointed the reference to the Locations table. This created a link between both tables so each location in the Directory can then be mapped and linked to the Locations table. 3. The reference between Locations and Directory also works to show all the directory entries available at a particular location. In the app, go to any location-- in the bottom of the record you'll see a button that shows how many Directory items are available for that location. Copy this app for free and replace it with key contacts from your school, home, or business.
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.
This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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