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Bill of Lading Form

An app that uses your information to fill out a bill of lading template and send it to your email.

Industry: n/a
Function: Other
This app allows you to fill out a Bill of Lading and send the filled-out PDF template to an email of your choice, through a workflow and the email you input. It also utilizes our barcode and signature capture functions. There are two primary views in this app: Existing Bills of Lading and Add New Bill of Lading. Existing Bills of Lading displays all Bills of Lading you've created, and allows you to make edits to those existing Bills. Add New Bill of Lading allows you to create new Bills of Lading.

How we built this app

1. This app was created automatically from Google Docs. We created our Bill of Lading template as a Google Doc, with the required fields; for example, if we want to capture the user's email address, we put a field on the doc as: <<user email address>>. We then connected to the AppSheet Google Docs add-on, which gave us a form-capture app. 2. Virtual columns are required to add barcodes. Check out this community post for more detailed instructions on how we did this: https://community.appsheet.com/t/generating-barcodes/39 3. To send an email to the address specified, we included a simple workflow; any changes made to the connected Google Sheet (ALL_CHANGES) trigger an email to be sent with an attached PDF.
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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