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An app for a consultant to track clients and expenses.

Industry: Technology
Function: Human Resources
This app helps consultants and freelancers keep track of the time they spend with any given client. The app uses two tables, one time table to enter the time spent with a customer, and a second that shows a customer list. The information in the time table is connected to the customer information so every time the user enters a new time, they'll select from the existing customer list.

How we built this app

This app uses some of AppSheet's most powerful features: References Between Tables, Multiple UX views and grouping, and Calculations in the spreadsheet. We built this app in under 2 hours with Excel files stored in Dropbox; here are some app design highlights. 1) Multiple Tables. To add a second table to the app, we went to Advanced Editor > Data > Tables and added a new table by picking a new file in our cloud storage. It's also possible to pick the same file and point AppSheet to another tab in the same spreadsheet. 2) References between tables. We connected the Time Table with the Client table using REF. To create the reference, we went to Advanced Editor > Data > Column Structure and located the Client field in Time Table. We changed its type to REF and pointed it to the Client table and a dynamic drop down was created picking up a list from the client table. 3) We created 4 views for this app. Three views are available in the bottom of the app and 1 view, the one showing all clients, is available in the top left menu of the app. To add more than three views, we went to Advanced Editor > UX > Controls and selected a new view to go in Menu. Copy this app for free and customize it to your needs with new backgrounds, icons, and data!
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.
This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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