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Sales Report2

A sales reporting app with Dashboard and Deck views of sales data grouped by time, person and vehicle type.

Industry: Automotive
Function: Sales & CRM
Go to Table or Full Screen Mode for better visualization. The sales report app is a useful app for sales directors to review performance across different criteria. The app user can see the monthly performance by product, sales person and the overall sales performance by month and quarter. The user can also filter items out of the chart for a drill-down view by month or product. Go to By Make view, click on the anchor icon, you can download the data of the slice that is associated with the view in CSV format. The app also sends out scheduled emails on the whole team's quarterly sales data and on a specific sales rep's performance.

How we built this app

Here are some design highlights: 1. Each row of the spreadsheet is a separate product. The remaining columns in the spreadsheet are calendar months where sales volume data is included. We built it this way so the sales team can get complete fiscal year information. 2. We added the charts by going to Editor>UX>Controls and added new Chart views. We selected the columns to chart, making sure that the columns had numeric data. 3. We added an app formula to the Totals columns that will automatically compute all of the values each quarter as well as of the year's sales for each car model. You'll see this in the Data>Column Structure tab. 4. We added another view control with type Dashboard that pulls in the Chart views . 5. Slices, Data > Slices were made from the sales data to filter by Quarter and by Sales person. 6. Reports templates have been made from the slices to report sales data. These can scheduled to be sent when required. 7. This App uses “App” type columns that contain deep links to views to connect sub views to main level views. The views “Quarterly Reports”, “Sales Person Charts” and “Other Vehicles” contain deep links to other views.
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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