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Row labels and keys

This app shows the difference between keys and row labels

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This app shows the difference between a key and a row label. The key column of a table must uniquely identify each row. For example, in the Person table, the key column is the output of the UNIQUEID() formula. For the Person table, Name is not a good key column since it contains duplicate values (since two people may have the same name). References from one table to another are done using Ref columns. For example, in this app, the Form table has a ref column to the Person table. The value of a Ref column is the key column from the referenced table. In this case, it's a unique id like "B1VTlqmM". If you look at the data in the Form sheet, you'll see this. However, sometimes the key column for a table is not user-friendly. You may want to display a different value in the Ref-type dropdown. You can do this using row labels. In this example, we've marked Name as the row label for the Person table. That means that the Ref column in the form will display Person names. However, the person's key value is what is written to the sheet.

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