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Reference Actions

This app shows how to use reference actions

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This app shows how to use reference actions. Reference actions are used to modify a row in one table via an action defined on another table. In this example, we have a Parent table and a Child table. The Parent table has an action called "+1 All" that adds 1 to the Number column of its associated children records. Try it out.
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How we built this app

To do this, we defined two actions. On the Child table, we added an action called "+1" that adds 1 to the current row's number column. This is a regular "Set column value" action. On the Parent table, we added an action called "+1 All". This is a reference action. The reference action is going to call the "+1" action on the Child table, so we pick "Child" in the Referenced Table dropdown and "+1" in the Referenced Action dropdown. A reference action needs a list of keys from the Child table in order to call this. The Parent table already has a virtual column called Children that holds the referring rows to that Parent row. So we just wrote [Children] for the Referenced Rows field in the action configuration.
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