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Export CSV of filtered rows

This app shows how to filter your data using a form and export it to CSV

Industry: n/a
Function: Other
This app shows how to filter your data using a form. Try filling out the form and saving. You'll be taken to a filtered view of the data based on the form values. You can then press the overlay action to download the matching rows as a CSV.
Also see: tablet mode & fullscreen mode
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How we built this app

To do this, we created an action on the Search Form table called Filter Items. It uses the deep link formula LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW("Items", AND([Color] = [_THISROW].[Color], [Size] = [_THISROW].[Size])). We then set the finish action of the form view to use that deep link action. Finally, we added an "Export to CSV" action to the Items table.
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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