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ID Validation

National ID Validation

Industry: Other
Function: Other
This will help Appsheet developers to find out how to sum column values and using the app itself for that.
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How we built this app

This is a simple app and the meaning of this is just to show how to sum values in your app. The idea was this.. I wanted an app with a feature where you can sum the whole column and see the result in the App. You need two tabs in one sheet.. the Data table and the Summing. In the Sum table you will need only two rows.. one for heares and one for Sheet formulas. This App will calculate columns together where the Timestamp is between the dates that you have typed in Sum table. Let's have a try!
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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