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Assignment Management App

Manage Class Schedule & Assignments with this App

Industry: Education
Function: Education & Training
Explore the interactive sample app on this page then create a assignment manager app of your own. Build an app to manage your class schedule and assignments. Track workload, progress and schedules in this app. Copy this sample app and get started now. This a useful app for students in school and college to manage better understand deadlines, workload and schedules. You can do the following with the Assignment Manager App: - Manage all your classes. Go to the Classes view and add classes as needed. When you select a category, a spreadsheet formula adds a link to an image related to that class category (Match, Science, English, etc). - Add and update assignments to a class. In the assignment menu, you can add a new assignment that is connected to one of your courses. When you add the assignment, you can define the due-date, and a spreadsheet formula will keep track of how many days are left to deliver the work. - In the Assignment menu, you'll also be able to see the class category the assignment belongs to and how many days are left to the due date in the main menu. When you tap on any of the assignments, you'll get to see more details like progress, due date, course name (we use Course and Class interchangeably, this is a nifty tool for both high-school and college). Finally, you'll be able to flag an assignment as completed and also track progress. - The app will also give you visual cues on assignments that are close to due date and past due by changing the color of the name of assignment (closest to past-due makes it red). If you mark an assignment as complete, then the assignment will be grayed out.
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How we built this app

We built this app with AppSheet in under 2 hours by creating a Google Sheet and then having AppSheet automatically build a mobile app from the spreadsheet. Once the app was created, we added several customizations to make the app work the way we wanted: 1. We added two tables from the spreadsheet to the app via Advanced Editor > Data > +Table. One table is for assignments and the second for courses. 2. We created a reference between column Course ID in the assignments table and Course ID in the Courses menu. We did this by going to Advanced Editor > Data > Column Structure. Then, we selected "Course ID" and changed its type to REF (when your select Ref, you get to select a table you want to reference to). Now, when you add an assignment, the Course ID will be a drop-down showing the values from the course menu. 3. We also created a set of slices to show visual clues of the status of the assignments. To create multiple slices, go to Advanced Editor > Data > Slices. We created slices based on the number of days left to the due date. We also created one slice to include everything that has been marked as Completed. Play with the different slice configurations to get to the right subset of data to show. 4. We used the set of slices to create formatting rules over our app. For example, we created a rule that changed the assignment name color to RED and pointed it to the slice "Past Due" so every assignment that matches the conditions for past due (the date of the deadline is greater than today), turns red.
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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