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Sales Report

A car sales reporting app with helpful visual graphs driven by sales data.

Industry: Automotive
Function: Sales & CRM
The sales report app is a useful app for sales managers and sellers to review performance across different criteria. This app collects monthly sales data for a set of products, allowing the app to produce a chart of monthly sales by type. The two charts in the app provide a pivoted view of the available data, the app user can see the monthly performance by product and the overall sales performance by month. The user can also filter items out of the chart for a drill-down view by month or product.


How we built this app

We built this app in under 30 minutes with an Excel Spreadsheet stored in Dropbox. Here are some design highlights: 1. Each row of the spreadsheet is a separate product. The remaining columns in the spreadsheet are calendar months where sales volume data is included. We built it this way so the sales team can get complete fiscal year information. 2. We added the charts by going to Advanced Editor>UX>Controls and added a new Chart view. We selected the columns to map, making sure that the columns had numeric data. 3. We added an app formula to the Total column that will automatically compute all of the values of one year's sales for each car model. You'll see this in the Data>Column Structure tab. 4. We added another view control with type Dashboard that pulls in the three Chart views we created in step 2.
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