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Kinnetic Laboratories, Inc.

Environmental consulting firm specializing in oceanographic and environmental research projects.

KLI is an environmental consulting firm which utilizes Appsheet in assisting accounting and inventory control, as well as builds custom field applications for a variety of survey and sampling projects, including but not limited to, Watershed Monitoring, Vibracoring, Ecological Surveys, Equipment Calibration and Servicing, Vehicle Mileage Tracking and many others. Provide your end product (log sheet or report template) so that we can help you gather and deliver data with real-time efficiency.

Country: United States

Languages: English

Industries: Government, Other

Functions: Field Service, Inspections & Surveys, Inventory Management

Check out some apps from Kinnetic Laboratories, Inc.

Watershed Monitoring Exampl...

Example of a stormwater monitoring application. Locations are placed randomly and has been simplified extensively from original version.

  • Field Service
  • Field Service
  • Other
  • Professional Solution

Vehicle Mileage and Service...

Vehicle Information and Mileage Tracking

  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Management

Purchase Order Example

Digital purchase order record.

  • Human Resources
  • Human Resources