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Add new tables/sheets and modify table properties in this pane
Inventory List
Tables are used to represent simple well-structured data. A table is a set of rows with identical structure. Tables can be shared or private.
  • shared tables can be read-only -- an example of usage is for a product list
  • shared tables can be updateable -- an example of usage is for an order entry table
  • private tables are always updateable -- an example of usage is for a todo list
(edit in the Security pane)
(edit in the Security pane)
To add or remove columns in a table, change the structure of the spreadsheet and then regenerate the appropriate column structure
Table schemas represent the structure of table rows. A schema is a collection of fields. One of the fields must be a primary key -- i.e. it uniquely identifies the row in that table. For example, a customer table could use the phone number or SS# as a primary key
Inventory List
A Slice is a subset of the rows and columns of a table. Define your slices here and use them just like tables in the rest of the app.
Inventory List_View
Table slices are a subset of a table
Actions are mini-tasks that can modify data in your app
There are two UX (user experience) elements in your control:
  • You choose which of the data sets can be viewed by users. Prebuilt viewers exist for folders and tables (including rich viewers like maps).
  • You choose prominent actions to highlight. These actions may be View actions (show, lookup, search, etc) or Capture actions (create, photo, scan, etc).
Your app presents a set of data views to the end-user. Each is shown as a button, either in the bottom bar or in the advanced menu.
Some of your tables or slices don't have views yet. Click here to add views.
By Date
Include Name Display Data Position Config
Include Name Display Data Position Config
Include Name Display Data Position Config
Include Name Display Data Position Config
Workflow rules are triggered at the AppSheet server when data is updated and synced by the app. For example, create a rule to send an email when a new entry is captured. This feature requires a PREMIUM or PUBLISHER Plus subscription plan.
A set of rules to react to data changes
Allow the app to work offline, and control how often data is synchronized(requires a PREMIUM or PUBLISHER Plus subscription plan)

Control who can access the app (requires a STANDARD or PREMIUM pricing plan)
Users can access my app without signing in. I understand the security implications of this choice.
Control what data is accessed and with who's security permissions (requires a PREMIUM plan)
Inventory List
Please fix any errors or warnings that are shown here as you edit the app definition.
These properties provide information to the end-users of this app via the About pane
These properties document the app for other collaborators.

Store Inventory

An app used by a store employee to record the quantities of inventory in stock.

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This is someone else's app. You can look around but not make changes.

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Your data - app definition (you are here) - Local storage

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Once you upgrade the app, all existing users will see the new version at the next app sync.
The app upgrade feature requires a PRO subscription plan

If you enable this option, this app will be visible in your public app portfolio. Other people will be able to view and copy the app as well as the data it uses but won't be able to make changes to the app or data.

If you enable this option for a Sample app, the app is still publicly visible in your portfolio, but it is not copyable and its definition is not shown.

Once you transfer the app, you will no longer be able to view or edit it.
Transfer ownership
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By default, your app is in 'Latest Version' mode. All users see the latest version of the app. If you are on a PRO or PUBLISHER PRO plan, you can switch to the Stable Version mode instead.
This app is currently in "Latest Version" mode. All users see the latest version.

and make this version V1.037006 the new stable version of the app
Create a whitelabel version of the app. Whitelabel apps require either a PRO plan with a minimum of 10 user licenses, or the PUBLISHER PRO plan.

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