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Enrolling in a Subscription Plan

After you choose your subscription plan, as described above, you can enroll in that plan.

To enroll in a subscription plan:

  1. 1. Go to the Account > Billing pane.

  2. 2. Enter your credit card information. We encourage you to pay via credit card. However, if you must pay by bank draft, please contact sales@appsheet.com.

  3. 3. Select either Secure or Public.

  4. 4. Select the subscription plan.

  5. 5. Specify the number of licenses.

  6. 6. If you are a non-profit enter your Promo code. To learn about non-profit discounts see educational and non-profit organizations.

  7. 7. When you click "Save Changes" your enrollment will take effect immediately.

We never enroll you in a subscription plan, change your subscription plan, or automatically add charges based on app usage. Only you can change your subscription plan. That keeps you in control.

Your entire account and all the apps in it are covered by one subscription plan. If you have some apps that need a Secure plan and others that need a Public plan, please create two separate AppSheet accounts. Put the apps that need a Secure plan in one account and the apps that need a Public plan in the other account. You can move apps between accounts as described here.

Changing Your Subscription Plan

We understand that circumstances can change; you might require more advanced features, or you might need to open up your app to more users than you’ve subscribed for. So, AppSheet has made changing your subscription plan as painless as possible.

You can change your subscription plan at any time by going into the Account > Billing pane. The plan change takes effect immediately.

Subscription charges are pro-rated and applied to your next 30-day bill. If your plan change lowers your charge, then we will credit you with the appropriate amount.

Intermittent Subscription Plan

Not all apps are used year-round. For example, a student enrollment app might be only used for the first month of each school quarter. An app for a one-time event might only be used for the duration of that event.

If your app is used intermittently, you can enroll in a subscription plan while using the app and enroll in the Free plan while not using the app.

If you're currently enrolled in a subscription plan and would like to temporarily stop using your app, you can:

  1. 1. Pause your app. Go to the Manage > Deploy pane, and click "Pause app."

  2. 2. Or, return your app to "Prototype State". Go to the Manage > Deploy pane. Click "Deployment Check", and then click "Return app the Prototype state."

To Return your app to "Prototype State":

  1. 1. Go to the Manage > Deploy pane.

  2. 2. Click "Deployment Check".

  3. 3. Click "Return app to Prototype state".

Both of these options will allow you to temporarily stop using your app.

Deleting or Deactivating Your Account

If you've reached this part of the page intending to deactivate or delete your account,
please let us know what went wrong for you so that we can improve.

Deactivating your Account Deleting your Account
Billing will stop. Billing will stop.
Your applications will be preserved. Your applications will be deleted
You can resume using Appsheet later. Your account is deleted.

To Deactivate your account:

  1. 1. Go to the Account > Billing pane.

  2. 2. Click "Change".

  3. 3. In the "Plan Class" drop down select "Free".

  4. 4. Click "Save Changes".

  5. 5. Confirm the change.

  6. 6. Please let us know how we can improve. We value your feedback.

To Delete your account:

  1. 1. Go to the Account > Settings pane.

  2. 2. Click "Delete my account" at the bottom of the pane.

  3. 3. Please let us know how we can improve. We value your feedback.
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