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Last modified: November 10th, 2020

The Appsheet Technical Support Services Guidelines (the "Guidelines") describe how Google will offer TSS to customers for Appsheet Services. Capitalized terms used but not defined in these Guidelines have the meanings given to them in Customer's agreement with Google for the Services and related technical support (the "Agreement").

    1. Obtaining Support.

    1.1 Named Customer Contacts. Named Customer Contacts means the email address(es) associated with Customer's Account.

    1.2 Customer Efforts to Fix Errors; Support Request Submission. Before making a Request to Google, Customers will use reasonable efforts to fix any error, bug, malfunction, or network connectivity defect without escalation to Google. Following such attempts, a Named Customer Contact may submit a Request to Appsheet Support at https://www.appsheet.com/Support/Contact.

    1.3 Procedures for Acknowledgement and Resolution of Requests. When making a Request, Customer will provide all requested diagnostic information and assist Google Support Personnel as may be required to resolve a Request. "Google Support Personnel" means the Google representatives responsible for handling Requests.

    1.4 Request Acknowledgement. Google may respond to a Request by acknowledging receipt of the Request. Customer acknowledges and understands that Google may be unable to provide answers to, or resolve all, Requests. "Request" means a request from a Named Customer Contact to Google Support Personnel for technical support to resolve a question or problem report regarding the Services.

    1.5 Feature Requests. If Google deems a Request to be a Feature Request, Google will log the Request for consideration to add to a future update or release of the Services and will consider the matter closed. Google has no obligation to respond to or resolve any Feature Request or to include any Feature Request in any future update or release. "Feature Request" means a Request to incorporate a new feature or enhance an existing feature of the Services that is currently not available as part of the existing Services.

    1.6 Building Applications. Google has no obligation to write or build any Customer Applications or write code to facilitate Customer Applications.

    1.7 Pre-GA Features. Although Google has no obligation to provide TSS for Early Access, Alpha, Beta, Experimental, Preview or similarly designated Pre-GA versions, features, or functionality of the Services, Google will consider Requests at these development stages on a case-by-case basis.

    2. Accessing Support and Target Initial Response Time

    Customer will provide first-level support for Customer Applications; Google will not provide support to Customer's End Users. Google will provide second-level support to Customer only through Named Customer Contacts. Google processes Requests with a target initial response time of 24 hours. Support is available 24X7.

    *For Google Workspace customers, Google provides the support based on the support levels Customer is entitled to via Customer's agreement with Google Workspace. Please contact your administrator for more information.*

    3. General Provisions

    3.1 Language Support Generally. Google will provide all support under these Guidelines in the English language.

    3.2 "Support Data" Processing Activities. Google collects and processes "Support Data" for the purpose of providing TSS under these Guidelines and maintaining the Services. "Support Data" means account details and the information that Customer provides to Google for the purpose of obtaining TSS under these Guidelines, including requests for support and service, and the details provided to Google about the specific issue.

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