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Webinar App

A two-way communication tool between webinar organizer and attendees

Industry: Technology
Function: Marketing
[Users] Marketing Operation Manager, Webinar Organizer, Webinar Attendee, Event Manager 1) Webinar Operation Managers publish, tweet and highlight questions. 2) Webinar Speakers answer questions. 3) Webinar Attendees ask questions and vote on questions asked by other people. [Other Scenarios] 1) Employees ask CEO questions regarding company strategy, product plan etc 2) Conference attendees ask keynote speakers or panelists questions 3) Students ask teachers questions in and outside classes 4) Sellers ask questions after a training session either online or physical [Main Feature] Multiple action buttons: Publish, Mark Answered, Don't Publish, Tweet, Highlight, Vote
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How we built this app

[Views] 1) Moderate: This is a view for Webinar/Conference/Event Manager to manage all questions. 2) Post: This is a view for attendees to submit questions. 3) QuestionsDash: This is a view for speakers to pick up published questions to answer. The view shows published questions and question details side by side. 4) Pending: This view shows all published questions [Show If] Under View of UX, configure Show If so that only your company's users can see the Moderate View. In AppSheet's Ask Office Hours app, we use CONTAINS(USEREMAIL(),"@1track.com") to manage access authority.
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