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Office Furniture Management

Update and add inspection information on an office floor plan or map.

Industry: Other
Function: Human Resources
This app allows you to mark and update status of furniture or other assets with different colors on a map. Green dot means an item works fine. Yellow means an item hasn't been checked for a long time. Exclamation mark means something is wrong with an item and it needs to be fixed. Take Stool 13 for example, when you click on the yellow dot, you can see its status is Working Order and it hasn't been checked for 36 days. You can update its status by clicking on Working Order and Needs Attention. Each button triggers three actions: 1) Update status from Working Order to Need Attention, or vice versa; 2) Enter this user's email address; 3) Enter the inspection time. If you want to add some new items, click on the map pin icon and drag it to the item's location on the map. A new inspection form will open for you to enter this item's information. Need Inspection View shows all items that need to be checked.
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