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Monthly Equipment Inspections

This is an app to help verify equipment items using barcode and NFC scanning.

Industry: Technology
Function: Inspections & Surveys
Use this app to keep track of items in your organization. This is especially useful for IT teams that want to track devices and who has been assigned to them. The app instantly syncs the data with the associated spreadsheets. Barcode and NFC scanning speed up equipment identification. Users can see when items are due for rechecks or have been invalidated for some reason. A workflow email is automatically sent to the user whenever an item is invalidated. Users can use the search icon on the top right to search for an item or inspector. Use the ALL view to see a complete list of items and whether they've been verified, or browse through by Rechecks (items that need rechecks) and by Invalid (items didn't pass last check).
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How we built this app

Here are some design highlights: 1. The app was created automatically from Google Sheets. AppSheet infers the type of data per column and assigns it a specific mobile app behavior. If you have dates, then AppSheet will treat the column as dates, same for phone numbers, emails, URLs, and image links. The Equipment ID column is set up to allow barcode and NFC scanning for the quick identification of equipment undergoing checks. This is enabled in the editor Data > Columns > Type. 2. When the spreadsheet has drop-down menus using data validation, AppSheet automatically creates a drop-down menu for data entries in that field. This is called an ENUM or ENUMLIST in AppSheet. You can enter ENUMs directly in AppSheet by going to Data > Columns > Type; then add the items you'd like in EnumValues. 3. We added three slices: Slices are built in the Editor > Data > Slices. We made one for verified equipment, one for unverified equipment and another for equipment that are overdue for a check. 4. Views (Deck, Table and Gallery) were created from the slices. The Department table view in the side hamburger menu groups the employees by department.The By Type view groups the equipment by Item name and has a group aggregate of COUNT. 5. Virtual columns are used to calculate the number of days since the item was last checked and whether a recheck is needed. 6. Grouped Actions “Unverify” and “Set Todays Date” reset the date and set the item as unverified. 7. A workflow rule is triggered when an Item is invalidated/unverified and sends an email to the user to alert them that the Item of equipment has been invalidated. 8. Formatting rules apply a colored icon to each Equipment ID field, letting the user know if the item has been verified or not and also highlights the number of days since recheck if this is equal to or exceeds 30. Other bold and green formatting with a star icon is used to highlight the Departments. Copy this app for free and customize it to fit your business needs!
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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