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Customize a Paperless Form App

See this Bus Service Agreement example app and start building your own

Industry: Transportation
Function: Customer Engagement
Explore the interactive sample app on this page then create a customer data collection app of your own. Create a custom form app to collect data from your customers or employees. View this sample app, then copy it to start building your own. This is a sample app for drivers to sign an agreement with passengers of a tourism bus. The app started from Google Forms and was customized on AppSheet so every driver can capture the information on their mobile device. With this app, the driver can capture details about the trip that include: - Customer Data - Bus rules agreement - Automatically adding the date of the trip - Capturing a picture of the bus using a mobile device - Capturing a signature of the customer directly into the form
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How we built this app

Features that the app is using: 1) Pages: AppSheet will convert page breaks and section headers to page breaks in the mobile app. This will help you have a more consumable form and also will let you add conditional logic to it, showing certain pages based on previous responses. 2) Capture drop-downs. AppSheet will capture drop-down menus from Google Forms and turn them into a special type called ENUM (For Enumeration). It is also possible to edit the drop-down menu in the app by going to Advanced Editor > Data > Column Structure and then selecting the field and editing it to ENUM (Single Choice) or ENUMLIST (Multiple Choice). 3) The app also captures Signatures automatically. When you create a question or a column with the word signature in it, AppSheet automatically makes that field a Signature. When you enter the signature, AppSheet will sync an image back to the app creator's cloud storage and put a reference to the file in the spreadsheet. 4) Default form behavior. When you create a form, one of the views in the form will be of FORM type. You can add views and change them in the UX menu. The Form view will produce a new form by default in your app and an accompanying list view. If you want the app users to only submit data in the form, delete the list view and the default behavior of the app will be to add new data. Copy this app for free and customize it to your needs.
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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