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1019 Icon Main and Sub Menu

Example of how to make a gallery view of clickable icons to create main and sub menus

Industry: Other
Function: Other
This app shows how to make a main and sub menu of large, clickable icons that allow you to navigate from main menu to sub menu and sub menu to a data view
Also see: tablet mode & fullscreen mode
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How we built this app

In this app, we've got eleven tables: - People category tables: Doctors, Engineers and Accountants - Places category tables: Forests ,Oceans and Mountains - Things category tables: Computers, Gadgets and Cars - Navigation Tables: Menu and Submenu The nine tables in People, Places, and Things category are just plain data tables. Menu and Submenu are tables associating view names with icons. We first created a gallery view for our Menu table. This is our "Home" view in the center button position. Next, we created a “Go To View action” on the Menu table that uses a LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW("SubMenu", [MainCategory]=[_THISROW].[Name]) formula to create a link to the SUBMENU view with filtered rows as per this LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW expression. This action is set as event action on view “Home” We created another action called “GoToSubViews” on the SubMenu table that uses LINKTOVIEW([SubName]) formula to navigate to respective data table views. This action is set as event action on view SUBMENU.
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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