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Shipment Tracking

An app to track package pickup and drop-off times, distances and status.

Industry: Construction
Function: Logistics
This app tracks packages from pickup to delivery. A building material package's journey starts when it is assigned to a driver. Once assigned, a driver will pick the package up from a vendor and deliver it to a construction site. The package is tracked by updating the record when it is picked up, when it is delivered to the site and when the driver returns to base. The app has a dashboard view, map views and table views. Overview, the dashboard view, shows all vendors and construction sites on a map, active and complete packages in table and deck views. Click on a construction site icon on the map, you will see brief information about this site and all relevant packages. The data is collected and updated by the use of grouped actions at each stage of the journey. The actions are displayed in the detail view and are a simple one-click operation. Click on an active package either on Overview view or Active Packages view, you can update depart, pickup and drop-off information by clicking on the action icons.
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How we built this app

This App makes use of the HERE() and NOW() functions to record GPS locations and times. Actions have been created to record the GPS and time. These are grouped to create one easy clickable Action for each stage. Slices are used to make views of Delivered Packages and Active Packages in Progress. Packages may also be viewed by Driver, Site, Vendor, or Status. Workflow rules are used to send drivers an email when a package has been assigned to them and another to the site admin when the package has been delivered. Formatting has been used to differentiate the packages status. The time between when the driver leaves until he or she returns is calculated in a duration column and the distances between stops are also calculated and summed to give Total distance travelled. Packages may be photographed or barcode scanned and signatures may be collected from vendors and the recipient site contacts. Security rules could be used to filter the users and drivers so that they only see deliveries that are relevant to them.
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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