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Project Management

An app to manage projects using project dashboard and automated workflows.

Industry: n/a
Function: Planning & Project Management
Use this app to help create projects, collaborate with teammates, and report on how those projects contribute to company goals. This kanban-style project management app is designed to help manage workflow for any type of project completion. A few important functions in this app include: 1) Dashboard views displaying projects by status 2) Filtered views of user-specific content 3) Intuitive project creation & updates 4) Custom formats, alerts & daily reports based on project due dates 5) Referenced tables for associating projects to different team members and company objectives 6) Reports & summary views to see the amount of projects related to each team member and business objective Although this app is functional on any device, it would be used predominantly on a tablet or laptop. Click on "Also see: tablet mode & full screen mode" to see how it looks.

How we built this app

Data Filter Ideas: >>Go to Data--> Tables--> Security Filter, use the following expression to limit data access. The following expression says if a person logs in with appsheetsamples@gmail.com, he/she can see all data in this table. If not, the person will only see data about projects that he or she owns. OR(USEREMAIL() = “appsheetsamples@gmail.com”, [Owner] = USEREMAIL()) >>Or go to UX--> Views--> Select a View--> Display--> Show If. The following expression says, "only show this view if the logged in email is appsheetsamples@gmail.com." CONTAINS(USEREMAIL(),”appsheetsamples@gmail.com”)
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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