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The World Health Organization uses a pre-surgery checklist to address surgical safety and minimize the risks associated with surgical procedures worldwide. Translating the checklist to a mobile environment means physicians and care teams can easily fill out the checklist from any location, whether connected to the web or not, and ensure all data is kept safe and secure. The app can record accurate timestamps and other data that simple paper forms cannot capture. Physicians can also be confident that all data will reach its target destination and not be lost in a sea of paperwork as is common in the medical industry.
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Pre-Surgery Checklist

An app to help medical professionals complete the WHO Pre-Surgery Checklist.

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How we built this app

This app was created from a Google Form. Each new row in the response sheet is a single completed checklist for a new surgical patient. The app allows for quick responses in a medical setting as well as signature capture at the end. 1. The app uses many Yes/No question types which can be specified in the Advanced Editor > Data > Column Structure. It displays a simple Yes/No button. 2. There are three pages in the checklist: Sign In, Time Out, and Sign Out. Each was broken into separate pages in the form, and then given section headers. AppSheet automatically recognized both the pages and the section headers and displayed them accordingly. 3. We added a question called "Attending Physician Signature" in the form, and specified this as a Text question type. AppSheet automatically recognized it and correspondingly displayed a signature capture box.
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