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Construction Daily Reports

An app to help foremen keep a daily log for construction projects

Industry: Construction
Function: Operations
The true benefit of this app is the fact that you can create your list of things that need a daily log, and the system simplifies this note-taking process, as well as reminding you when you fail to complete your daily reports. [Users] 1) Project Managers, Foremen, and Superintendents at construction companies 2) Team/Project Managers in general 3) Doctors, teachers, scientists, and anyone that would need to keep a daily log for something [Use Cases] 1) Tracking activity on a construction job site 2) Recording observations in a research study 3) Keeping a journal 4) Recording observations in a classroom
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[Views] 1) Incidents: This view shows all daily reports that have incidents. From here, project managers can email the foreman to learn more about the incident; 2) Jobs: This view shows all jobs and foremen in charge. Users can add a new report from this view. The detailed view of each job shows all related daily reports, i.e., reports submitted today and in the past. In the daily report, you can include photos, signature and other information that matters; 3) Unreported: This view shows jobs and responsible foremen who didn't submit today's reports. The app's owner will get an email notification on the missing foreman daily reports; 4) Foremen Details: This view has information about all foremen; 5) Today's Reports: This view shows today's daily reports.
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