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Store Inventory

An app for store inventory management. Sort products by unique categories.

Industry: Retail
Function: Inventory Management
The Store Inventory app is a simple tool for a small business to keep track of inventory items where the list is usually kept in spreadsheets. Using a solution like AppSheet brings additional features and more mobility to manage inventory, allowing the user to run the inventory with a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. The app also automatically enters dates and uses the phone/tablet camera as a Barcode reader. There are columns in the spreadsheet that are not displayed in the app. This helps the user build a more robust solution where the app is a great data capture tool and the spreadsheet remains the key analysis tool.


How we built this app

We built this app in under 30 minutes. Here are some design highlights: 1. Slice columns. We went to Advanced Editor > Data > Slices and selected a slice that shows all data rows but only shows a subset of columns. We filtered some columns that are important for the spreadsheet but are not necessary for the app, making data entry cleaner and faster. 2. We added Barcode reader to the data entry. We turned the Barcode reader on by going to Advanced Editor > Data > Column Structure and enabled Scannable in the Name field. This helped us entering Barcode information instead of typing an Item name. 3. We added a formula to the “Inventory Value” column in the spreadsheet that shows the spreadsheet user the monetary value of current inventory based on multiplying the "Quantity in Stock" and "Unit Price" columns. Pro tip: You can create a second table where you collect all Item names and add Barcode information next to it. You can then use a VLOOKUP function in the table to extract the product name and simply record the item number using the app's Barcode feature. This will save you hours over time! Copy this app for free and change its data to your own products.
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