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Loss Report

An app for shop floor supervisors or loss prevention managers to make sure everything works properly to minimize downtime.

Industry: Manufacturing
Function: Operations
Shop floor managers' job is to ensure products are manufactured on time and cost-effectively. To do that, they must flag open issues and fix them as soon as possible. This app categorizes manufacturing issues into five buckets—Equipment Maintenance, Missing Part, Technician Unavailable, Supplier Issue and QA Issues. On the Dashboard view, you can see an overview of the category and type (setup and speed) of all issues, and the actions that need to be taken. The dashboard is interactive. If you choose Equipment Maintenance Defect (category), you will see all open issue reports on the right. Click on one report, you will see the report details and relevant action items. You can also select multiple choices (category and batch name) to further filter the data you want to see. Loss Types chart shows number of issues per shift and per type. Actions view shows all actions need to be taken. Report view shows all issue reports and allows you to add a new report. When a new report is added, it will fire a workflow and send an email to the manager.
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