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Farm Equipment Inventory

An app for farm equipment inventory management.

Industry: Agriculture
Function: Inventory Management
This app lets you manage different locations and associate different pieces of farm equipment to each location, so you can easily track down where your assets are. It also lets you capture images for the locations and for the items. Copy it and modify it to your needs!


How we built this app

This app features many useful functions. [In-Line Views] When you click on a specific piece of equipment, you can see the Maintenance Records for that piece of equipment. These records are kept in a separate table and linked to the equipment through a reference. When you specify a reference in the other table to THIS table, AppSheet automatically creates an In-Line View. [Conditional Formatting] I've created formatting rules for equipment that has maintenance being done on it, as well as the priority for that maintenance. Anything with a wrench icon currently has on-going maintenance; anything that's red has a High priority, and anything that's yellow has a Medium priority. [Slices] The On-Going and Completed Maintenance views utilize a slice to only show the maintenance records that match that specific criteria: Completed or On-Going. There are numerous possibilities for expansion of this app: you could create workflows to send email notifications when maintenance is done; you could add a "Cost of Upkeep" table to track the costs from the maintenance records; you could add a "Scheduled Maintenance" table and connect it to your Google Calendar; you could add a chart to track costs visually. Further, the structure of the app could be adapted for any number of other applications: project management (where the locations are team members, equipment are projects, maintenance records are tasks), shipments, orders, inventory-- any number of applications are possible. The concept of "Nested" objects will take you far with AppSheet. Nested in this context means the "Maintenance Notes" belong to the specific "Maintenance Record," and THEY belong to the specific "Equipment." It's this idea-- one item belonging to another-- that really opens up the possibilities of data management and true usefulness.
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