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Site Inspections

An app for construction site inspections with GPS and images.

Industry: n/a
Function: Inspections & Surveys
This app lets the user capture inspection information for construction sites. The App has three views. One showing all the locations where inspection information has been captured. The second view presents summary information for all the locations. The third view organizes the data by the type of building selected. The app also includes a picture gallery in the menu button in the top left corner of the app.


How we built this app

We created this app with Google Sheets and AppSheet. It uses some powerful formatting and data capture features: 1. Automatically captures GPS locations: Check the Data > Column Structure > Location field and see how we configured that column to automatically capture data that can be mapped 2. Collect images: We added two columns called Picture 1 and Picture 2. AppSheet automatically recognizes the type of field and gives an Image input option 3. Created slices to further customize the app: Go to Data > Slices and you'll notice three slices. We created those slices to filter the data by the "Site Type" column. We'll use those slices to change the formatting of the data. 4. Changed the color and icons of the sites: Go to UX > Formatting and see how we created different formatting rules applied to the slices we initially created. TYPE A buildings have a Green style, TYPE B has Blue, TYPE C has Yellow. 5. Added a customized Map View (Locations): Go to UX > Controls and you'll notice the different views we created for the app. We added a map view and used three extra formatting rules to also change the color of the pins. This is very useful for project management to quickly visualize the status of different items in a map. Pro tip: Apply different formatting rules to the same slice to get different effects. In our case, we applied a formatting rule to the Site Name column and then applied a formatting rule to the Location column.
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