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Safety Audit Checklist

An app for construction site inspections with GPS, images, graphs, reports and a calendar connection.

Industry: Construction
Function: Inspections & Surveys
This app lets the user capture inspection and safety personnel information for construction sites. Sites on Map View shows all the locations where inspection information has been captured on a map with color-coded pins. Inspections View presents information for all the sites. From here, users can check each site's location, edit or add a new inspection report, and email the person in charge of a site. Failed View is a view of all failed Inspections. Type View organizes data by building types, i.e., commercial, government and residential. The app has have four graphical visualizations of the data—site count by type, the average number of safety personnel, and personnel trained. The app also has a Calendar view (Training), which is connected to a Google Calendar and shows the staff Safety Training days. Updates, adds and deletes can be made to the training sessions and are reflected in the underlying Google Calendar.
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How we built this app

The app has very powerful formatting, data capture, display and visualization features. Here are its design details: 1. GPS location auto capture: Check the Data > Column Structure > Location field and see how we configured that column to automatically capture data that can be mapped using HERE() 2. Image capture: We added two columns called Picture 1 and Picture 2. AppSheet automatically recognizes the type of field and gives an Image input option 3. Slices to further customize the app: Go to Data > Slices and you'll notice three slices. We created those slices to filter the data by the failed Inspections and untrained staff percentages. We use those slices to change the formatting of the data and send out reports. The third Slice is on the Calendar. It filters the dates to only show future training dates. These are also formatted so that all dates in the coming week are shown in blue. 4. Color and icon formatting of the sites: Go to UX > Formatting and see how we created different formatting rules. Government buildings have a purple style, Commercial have green and Residential have Orange. 5. A customized Map View (Locations): Go to UX > Controls and you'll notice the different views we created for the app. We added a map view and used three extra formatting rules to also change the color of the pins. This is very useful for project management to quickly visualize the status of different items in a map. Pro tip: Apply different formatting rules to the same slice to get different effects. 6. Reports: In the Behavior section we have created two reports. A weekly report of all the sites with failed safety inspections. The other weekly report will be sent to sites where the percentage of trained safety personnel has dropped below 50%. 7. Calendar: The connection of training dates to Google calendar is made by adding Google Calendar as a data source in your Account >data sources. You will need to allow Appsheet to connect to your Google Calendar. The view only shows dates where there are calendar entries and you will be able to add, edit and delete these entries. For more information on working with calendars please check out the help documentation at appsheet.com/support.
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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