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Home Inspector

An app for a home inspector to capture and curate photos and notes.

Industry: n/a
Function: Inspections & Surveys
The app is useful for a home inspector who needs to record information about houses being assessed. The inspector is able to add up to 4 images to a room. Each room must have a unique name and it's possible to add more columns to the spreadsheet to include additional questions in the app.


How we built this app

We created this app with a spreadsheet containing a few columns, many of which are image columns that allow the user to capture images straight from the app. 1. The Image column automatically activated the Image Field Type in the Editor and the app. The app appropriately displays images and allows the user to capture new ones. The Image columns automatically produced a Gallery view in the app, which we renamed “Rooms” via the UX tab. 2. We created a Status Code column in the app and specified the column type as “Enum” which produced a dropdown menu in the app. Dropdown menus can be created manually in the Advanced Editor, or through data validation in the spreadsheet (recommended). 3. Since we wanted to be able to view jobs by status, we created a “By Status” UX view and indicated items in this view be sorted by “Status Code”. This was done via the Advanced Editor > UX > Controls tab. 4. We then created a UX view for “Details”. This view groups items by Room, and displays the details and photos associated with each entry.
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