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Delivery Tracking

An app for a delivery driver to keep track of deliveries based on delivery status.

Industry: Business Services
Function: Field Service
This app is a full service solution for delivery businesses and shows a couple of interesting features. One is signature capture. Another handy feature is color coding based on delivery status. The map provides location and driving direction services for the delivery driver. It can help the driver keep track of which locations have received or have yet to receive deliveries. The driver can use the map to locate each delivery venue and use the signature capture function to collect real signatures via the app.
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How we built this app

Delivery Tracking We built this app with a Google Sheet. 1. The Address column produced a Map view in the app. You can also manually create a map view via the UX tab. Clicking into each entry will also display a map pin that can be clicked to navigate to that location on the map. 2. The Signature column in the spreadsheet created a Signature Field Type in the Editor and the app. When the “Edit” button is clicked, each entry has a field where the delivery recipient can sign her name to indicate she has received the delivery. 3. The Delivery Time column activated the Time column type in the app. 4. We wanted the delivery driver to have the ability to indicate the Delivery Status by quickly choosing a corresponding color in the app: green for “delivered”, yellow for “in transit”, and red for “not delivered”. We chose “Color” as the column type for this field. 5.. We created a set of conditional rules that display colored icons corresponding to the delivery status color. First, we needed to create a slice for each delivery status— Yes, No, and In transit. Then, we created a set of conditional formatting rules, indicating the highlight color, the icon, and the column next to which to display those attributes.
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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