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This app helps a field worker receive instructions and details about a specific job. The app is filtering information for the specific app user by using his/her email address as a way to filter the information that corresponds to the user. The user doesn't get to add or delete information only update it by tapping on a record and then updating it. The information that can be updated is limited to a specific set of columns, the initial set of columns are populated via the Driver Dispatch app.
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    Field Service

Driver Jobs

A sample app for a field worker to view and map open jobs.

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We built this app in under ten minutes by copying the Driver Dispatch app and tweaking it to filter out information that doesn't belong to the user. We filtered information out by using Slices and modifying the Column Structure. 1) Slices: We used a slice condition in the DRIVER column to: Matches User Email. The slice is set up in Advanced Editor > Data > Slices. This slice requires that the user is signed-in to AppSheet in order to use the app for the slice to work. To require sign-in go to Advanced Editor > Settings > Security 2) Read-Only fields: We wanted the driver to only modify a subset of columns via the app. To achieve this we made the table set for Updates Only in Advanced Editor > Data > Tables. And we went to Advanced Editor > Data > Column structure and marked a set of columns as read-only. Copy this app for free and make sure to also include the Driver Dispatch app. Connect both apps to the same spreadsheet to get a complete Dispatch + Driver solution