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Ecommerce Store

A mobile storefront app for an independent e-commerce merchant.

Industry: Retail
Function: Sales & CRM
The Ecommerce app is a quick way for an independent merchant to show an up-to-date product listing that points the app user to an online store. This type of solution is particularly useful when the merchant has a well-defined user base that he/she wants to keep updated with new products. The buy button can be replaced for an email link so the app user can directly contact the app creator requesting a new product or making comments about a specific listing.
Also see: tablet mode & fullscreen mode
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How we built this app

This app showcases the use of the action-url button. We created this app in under 10 minutes by using an Excel spreadsheet and storing it in Dropbox. We made sure a few things were in place to make the app work: 1. We included a link to a product image in the table so we could show products in an image gallery. 2. We created a column called Buy! and added URLs that pointed to the Etsy page for that product. We made sure the field type was URL by going to Advanced Editor > Data > Column Structure and changed the Buy! field type to URL. AppSheet automatically adds a button to each image in the gallery view to include the word Buy! and link to the URL we added to the spreadsheet. 3. We made sure users had read-only access to the data so they cannot edit, delete, or add new products. We did it by going to Advanced Editor > Data > Update Mode and changed it to Read-Only. Copy this app for free and replace it with your own product listings!
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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