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Field Inspection App

A mobile app for agriculture field inspections.

Industry: Agriculture
Function: Inspections & Surveys
This app lets the user collect images, notes, and GPS locations while in the field. The app automatically collects the date, time, and GPS location when a new record is added. The app also lets the user take up to two images for each record and type in notes. This handy app is especially useful when field workers need to note specific issues in the field. You can copy and customize this app for free. Add more columns to manage different categories, add formatting rules to the app, or enrich it with many more AppSheet features!


How we built this app

This app captures location data automatically and shows that data in a map. It also takes advantage of the following features: [GPS Location] There is a column in the spreadsheet called "Geolocation"-- this lets AppSheet automatically identify the column as a location data column and capture the GPS location for every row added when GPS location is available. [Table View] The table view lets you shift the order of columns in the app. In this case, the columns [Inspection by], [Photo A], and [Photo B] are the first ones shown in the table view. [Map View] The map view (located in the hamburger menu) allows you to inspect all the data points in the app and it even lets you add a new record by placing a pin on the map. You need to be close enough to the location for the "+" and pin buttons to become available.
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