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Agriculture Inspection App

A mobile app for agricultural field/crop inspections and reports

Industry: Agriculture
Function: Inspections & Surveys
This app lets the user collect images, notes, and GPS locations while in the field. The app automatically collects the date, time, and GPS location when a new record is added. The app also lets the user take up to two images for each record and type in notes. All information is captured in a form which is divided into four section/pages—Inspector, Farm Details, Inspection Details, and Signature. Users can easily navigate the form by tapping Prev/Next tabs, clicking on section names or the navigation arrows. The three main views are: –Inspections is a view of all inspections. It gives you a bird's-eye view of who made the inspections and whether a crop requires a follow-up. Users can edit or delete an inspection, or add a new one. View content can be restricted to certain users by using security filters. –Map is a view of the inspected farms. New GPS locations may be added from here. –Inspectors is a list of all inspectors. The detailed view provides information about all inspections a certain inspector has made. New inspectors may be added here or an inspector may choose their profile and add a new inspection in the related inspections section. The menu has views for farm locations and follow-ups requiring actions.
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How we built this app

–The app uses a Signature column to allow the inspector to sign each inspection. –Tabbed Forms avoid having to scroll down through a long form. It also makes it easy to jump to different sections of the form. –GPS Location. There is a column in the spreadsheet called "Geolocation". This lets AppSheet automatically identify the column as a location data column and capture the GPS location for every row added when GPS location is available. This has an initial value of HERE(). –Slices. See Data >Slices. The app has a slice to filter out inspections requiring follow-ups using the formula [Followup Required Y/N]="Yes". –Workflow. See Behavior > Workflow. The app has a workflow which sends an email to the contact person at the farm when a new inspection is done. –Reports. See Behaviour > Reports. A report can be scheduled to be sent out at various time intervals to a designated recipient. This can be set up to contain the whole table of inspections or just individual rows depending on your requirements. –Formatting. UX >Format Rules are applied to the map pins using the location column and icons. The four farms are formatted in different colors. –Map View. The map view allows you to inspect all the data points in the app and it even lets you add a new record by placing a pin on the map. You need to be close enough to the location for the "+" and pin buttons to become available. You can copy and customize this app for free. Add more columns to manage different categories, add formatting rules to the app, or enrich it with many more AppSheet features!
This is a preview of the data sets used in the app.


This is a high-level model of both the data entities and the UI elements in the app.
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