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Equipment Inventory

An app for company employees to track equipment inventory.

Industry: Legal
Function: Inventory Management
The Equipment Inventory app helps users keep track of inventory items and quickly browse and search through those items. The app is an improvement over keeping spreadsheets as it makes the spreadsheet data easily available via mobile app. The data in the spreadsheet is in sync with the app and users can submit and edit items as needed.


How we built this app

We created this app to highlight some key features in AppSheet: Barcode scanning, conditional formatting, and dropdown menus (enums). Here are some app details: 1. Barcode Scanning. AppSheet can capture data from Barcodes and QR-Codes. To make any text entry scannable, go to Advanced Editor > Data > Column Structure and check the "Scan?" checkbox. The Equipment ID field in the app is scannable. 2. The app was created automatically from the spreadsheet, including drop-down menus. AppSheet infers the type of data per column and assigns it a specific mobile app behavior. If you have dates, then AppSheet will treat the column as dates-- same for phone numbers, emails, URLs, and image links. 3. When the spreadsheet has drop-down menus using data validation, AppSheet automatically creates a drop-down menu for data entries in that field. This is called an ENUM or ENUMLIST in AppSheet. You can enter ENUMs directly in AppSheet by going to Advanced Editor > Data > Column Structure and change the field you wanted to ENUM; then add the items you'd like in the dropdown menu. You can also include your dropdown menu items using data validation in the spreadsheet as we did with this app. 4. Last, we added a set of slices and formatting rules that apply a colored icon to each Equipment ID field, letting the user know if the item has been verified or not. Copy this app for free and customize it to fit your business needs!
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