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A trusted and scalable platform for mobile apps

AppSheet for the Enterprise is a trusted platform for building, publishing and managing mobile apps. Promote innovation and agility throughout your organization while ensuring security and strong governance.

Agility and Innovation

App creation moves to citizen developers in business units. Encourages innovation while freeing up IT resources and reducing backlog.

No-Code App Platform

Create apps directly from your data and using an intelligent intent-driven assistant. Build, deploy, and iterate on a rapid daily cycle. Many times faster than low-code and standard development techniques.

Enterprise Ready

Security, governance, analytics, and premier services with enhanced SLAs and SOC-II compliance. Create a high-agility environment with minimal risk.

Enterprise Benefits

Fast app creation, lower costs

More apps created in a fraction of the time, reducing project backlogs and costs.

Secure data

Keep data safe with centralized security policies and user-based permissions.

Effective IT governance

Enforce governance policies company-wide with app creation and user policies you define.

Stable performance

Ensure mission-critical performance with data partitioning and preferential resource allocation.

Actionable analytics

Gain actionable insights with audit-log, performance and cross-team analytics.

Increased productivity, empowered workforce

Business users can automate mobile processes and workflows to increase productivity.
  • Request a detailed walk through of AppSheet for the Enterprise.

  • Use the platform to prototype an app and experiment with all its features.

Enterprise Features

Security and Compliance

Ensure security policies are enforced across the enterprise
  • Manage and enforce security policies for all app creators
  • Unlimited historical audit logs
  • Integrate with Active Directory, Google Domains
  • SOC 2 compliant platform

Management and Governance

Enforce governance policies and ensure mission-critical performance
  • Pre-define app creation policies
  • App versioning per user
  • Preferential resource allocation


Gain actionable insights into app creation and usage
  • Audit log analytics
  • Performance analytics
  • Cross-team analytics

Services and SLAs

Enhanced SLA guarantees, custom services, and support tiers
  • Priority support
  • Onboarding packages
  • Uptime SLAs