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The enterprise-ready platform for business apps

AppSheet’s intelligent, no-code platform is ideally suited for the enterprise, meeting IT governance, security, and management requirements. App creation is decentralized to business units but the management of those apps can remain under IT control. This is why Forrester recently named AppSheet the leader among no-code and low-code platforms for mobile business apps.


Empower "citizen developers" in business units to create and deploy apps. Encourages innovation while freeing up IT resources and reducing backlog.


Create apps directly from your data and using an intelligent intent-driven platform. Build, deploy, and iterate on a rapid daily cycle. Many times faster than low-code and standard development techniques.


Security, governance, analytics, and premier services with enhanced SLAs and SOC-II compliance. Use an enterprise-ready platform that integrates with your existing data and infrastructure.

Design Intelligence

The AppSheet platform is intent-driven. Its unique and patented "design intelligence" technology understands the intent of the app being built and generates the app automatically. App intent is deduced from the business datasets being used, from the experiences of other app creators, and even from natural-language descriptions of the app. This design intelligence helps app creators build robust solutions and deliver rich user experiences — all without writing a single line of code.

10x Agility

AppSheet’s platform enables truly agile app creation and deployment. What would normally takes a year to build and deploy on other platforms is ready within weeks.

Empower your workforce

Everyone in the enterprise creates apps. Business users solve long neglected problems while IT focuses on mission-critical projects.

Increase productivity and reduce costs

More apps created in a fraction of the time. Project backlogs and costs are reduced while productivity increases.

Ensure centralized management and control

Deliver, manage, and secure app creation while accelerating the development process.

Robust Enterprise Features

Build rich apps that integrate with your enterprise infrastructure. Manage all AppSheet accounts in your organization across the entire app lifecycle.


  • Integrate with cloud and on-premise data
  • Access content stores and messaging services
  • API-enabled access

Security and Compliance

  • Automatically manage and enforce security policies for all app creators
  • Authenticate with Active Directory or any enterprise directory service
  • SOC 2 compliant with PII control

Scale and Performance

  • Uptime SLAs
  • Preferential resource allocation
  • Geo-location

App Management

  • App versioning
  • White-label deployments
  • Verification tools


  • Unlimited historical audit logs
  • Audit log analytics
  • Performance analytics

Team Collaboration

  • App co-authoring
  • Shared data and auth sources
  • Cross-team analytics