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What is a Punch List?


Punch lists are essential tools for construction companies because success hinges on contract fulfillment and accountability. In order to pass final inspections and receive payment, all contract items on a punch list must be completed.

Punch lists include work that’s incomplete or not started, areas of the project that were done incorrectly, or materials and work site features that became damaged during the job. In short, construction projects and inspections rest heavily on the quality and accuracy of punch lists.


It's easy to get a punch list application started. And this is just the beginning, you can create applications for virtually every process in your team with AppSheet. Start with a spreadsheet and turn it into powerful apps.

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AppSheet makes application creation accessible to everyone. Watch the video below to see you how you can start creating a punch list app within a few minutes.

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Quickly Create Punch List Applications to Transform the Way Your Team Works.


Single reference point Connect multiple stakeholders to a single source of truth.

Track by priority Ensure that all outstanding issues are resolved prior to inspections.

Assign ownership Reduce errors and eliminate duplicate work.

Keep the team updated Everyone will receive updates to their mobile punch list app in real-time. 

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You and your team can create the apps you need with no code.

Start with one process. Expand to dozens.

Start with a punch list app and expand to other critical processes in construction like safety checks, site inspections, near misses reports, time sheets, and more.

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The apps you create with AppSheet can be managed, secured, and upgraded within your company's IT environment.